Deadly Sting Tattoos

How do I order items from this site?

  • To order a product, click on its box on the product page. A popup will appear with information about the item and any available extras (such as wig clips), as well as a "Place Order" button. When clicked, the button takes you to a form where you will be asked for your contact information before finalizing your order request. For wigs, please make sure to click the checkbox on the product page if you are located outside the United States. Tattoo orders are processed through PayPal, so you will be re-directed to their site after clicking the "Buy Now" button.

Does this website show everything you sell?

  • The site may not list every item we offer (i.e. our Rocky wig will be posted soon), so if you don't see what you're looking for, please check the photo albums on our Facebook page, or send us an email with your request.

How long does it take to get a wig from DST&W?

  • Our turnaround times have increased due to external full-time work commitments. After we get an order request we send an invoice through PayPal once we have the appropriate base in stock and can start working on the wig. All of our wigs ship within 3 weeks of receiving payment. At this time we are unable to give estimates on when invoices will be sent after receiving an order request, so if you have a specific deadline in mind please include that information on your order form and we will let you know if we can accommodate your needs.

Why don't you sell your products on eBay?

  • Our tattoos are not available on eBay because the additional fees they charge would force us to increase our prices, and we want to keep the cost to our customers as low as possible. As for our wigs, materials are expensive and we cannot keep a stockpile of all our offered styles, so we generally purchase what we need when an order request comes in. If our supplier is temporarily out of stock, we do not want to be holding a client's money while we wait for the necessary items to become available, nor do we want to sacrifice quality and consistency by substituting wig bases not represented on our site. Our invoicing system guarantees that we will not take money for an order until we have the necessary materials on hand, and ensures that clients receive their wigs in a timely fashion once payment is made.

Have you considered producing an Eddie Skull/Mom tattoo?

  • We have looked into making an Eddie tattoo, but we have concerns about the overall delicacy of the design as the skull portion is simply an outline with no interior fill color and would be very tricky to apply. Additionally, the Eddie tattoo's location on the arm falls in an area generally covered with hair, and our tattoos can only be reliably applied on smooth skin. If we can solve the design issues (and enough Eddies express interest in shaving their arms in order to use the tattoos), we will produce a run of them when our budget allows.

How do you ship your merchandise?

  • DST&W uses the United States Postal Service for all shipments. Tattoos are sent by First Class Mail and domestic wig orders ship via Priority Mail. International wig orders ship via First Class Mail. Tracking and delivery confirmation is provided for all domestic shipments.

When will my tattoo order go out?

  • Tattoo orders generally ship within one week of receiving payment.

I need my tattoos in a hurry! Can I request faster shipping for my order?

  • For tattoo orders, you have the option of selecting either Express or Priority Mail service for both domestic and international orders during checkout through PayPal.

Can I add tattoos to my wig order to save on shipping?

  • If you would like to add tattoos to your wig order, please tell us how many you want in the Questions/Comments field of our order form, and we will add them to your invoice. Prices for tattoos added to wig orders are the same as for standalone tattoo orders, minus the normal shipping charges.

I need more than one tattoo but less than 5, is there any way to order multiple single tattoos without separate shipping charges?

  • If you absolutely need to order multiple single tattoos, email us and let us know how many you want to purchase, whether you are located within the United States, and your PayPal email address. We will send you an invoice for the tattoos at the single rate of $4.00 each plus our shipping cost for a single tattoo package. If you require Express or Priority shipping, indicate that in your email as well, and you will be charged accordingly. Please note that we can only accommodate orders of 2-4 tattoos in this fashion.

Will sewn-in wig clips work for me if I have a receding hairline?

  • Wig clips provide better security than bobby pins as long as you have sufficient hair to lock them into. With receding hairlines, positioning is key! When ordering, just request that the front clips be placed either at the center of the wig's front hairline or at the temples, whichever you feel will give you the most hair to work with.

Why don't you offer wig clips with your Space Magenta wig?

  • The act of locking wig clips into your hair requires that you handle the hair at the front and back hairlines in a manner that would disturb the careful styling of our Space Magenta wig. Our Space Magenta wig is light and roomy enough that it can be worn on either its own or with 2-4 bobby pins for extra security.

What styling tools/products do you use on your wigs?

  • We have included links to styling tools and products on our tips & tricks page. These links are provided to give you an idea of the kind of supplies we recommend. It is not necessary to purchase the specific brands of the items we have referenced, especially when it comes to brushes and combs.

Is there a difference between wig styling products and regular hair styling products?

  • Generally, products designed for use on synthetic wigs contain less alcohol than products intended for human hair. As alcohol can dry out synthetic hair, making it more prone to tangling, and can contribute to color fading, we usually recommend using wig-specific products on our wigs.

Do you offer wig re-styling services?

  • Yes. Re-styling starts at $25 plus shipping, and you can request a quote via email. Since the condition of your wig will dictate the final price, we ask that you include photos of it with your inquiry. Especially helpful is the interior view showing the hair at the nape of the neck, as this is often the most tangled area on longer wigs.