Deadly Sting Tattoos

Deadly Sting Tattoos was founded in 2007 when Jen D., a Frank-N-Furter with the NYC cast, produced a professional quality "BOSS" temporary tattoo to use during performances. The tattoos turned out so well that she thought other Frank-N-Furters (and regular Frankie fans) would find them as useful and convenient as she did, so she began selling them to the public over the internet.

In 2014, her tattoos were listed on Etsy and eBay. In 2021, Deadly Sting Tattoos started selling on Amazon, debuted a new "4711" tattoo design, and phased out purchasing directly from

DST strives to provide great products and excellent customer service, and looks forward to working with the Rocky Horror community and costuming enthusiasts for many years to come.

Jen as Frank-N-Furter
(photo by Lauren Everett)

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